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Spiritual Intelligence for Awakening Minds
Ligia Kleber
Module 1: AWARENESS The goal of this module is to lay the groundwork for shifting your perception to a consciousness that will let you THRIVE. You'll learn about: • The four bodies you need to stay aware of to align your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions - so you can manifest real abundance. • The 3 big "WHYs": Why do you think the way you think? Why do you feel the way you feel? Why do you act the way you act? • How the misalignment of the four bodies can cause you daily suffering that you’re not even aware of. Module 2: PROOF Your brain requires a RATIONAL REASON to change the way it perceives its reality. No faith required – this section is all about scientific facts: • How the traditional Newtonian laws of physics have been shaping your current perception of reality, without you even being aware of it. • How to learn to decode reality using the framework of quantum physics, so that you can become the master of your life. • How quantum physics PROVES that your consciousness manifests everything you're experiencing right now. Module 3: DECLUTTER Once you're aware of how your mind works, you will need to clear away the beliefs, low vibrational energy, habits, and behaviors that are getting you stuck. The third module is designed to help you: • Define habits you'd like to adopt and ones you would like to ditch, so you can achieve your financial, personal, and health-related goals. • Become aware of limiting beliefs that are keeping you from taking action and experiencing true prosperity. • Eliminate behaviors which are constantly sabotaging your efforts – become productive, motivated, and full of energy. Module 4: UPGRADE This is where everything comes together. It's time to define WHO you want to become… It’s time to design the best version of yourself and embody your chosen version, RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW! The time has come to consciously build the best version of yourself: to your own liking!
Gestão de Negócios em Inglês- curso completo -Business Manag...
Mitiele Moraes
Business Management Upon successful completion of Business Management, candidates may choose careers including: Business Management - Bookkeeper Business Management - Executive Assistant Business Management - Facility Manager Business Management - File Clerk Business Management - Financial Clerk Business Management - General Office Clerk Business Management - Program Manager Receptionist Business Management é um curso online, completo e exclusivo, o curso mais completo do mercado corporativo. Ele foi criado para desenvolvimento pessoal, de alta performance. Nosso público, é formado por profissionais que queiram expandir seus conhecimentos ou mesmo aqueles que já estão no mercado corporativo de trabalho e buscam um progresso na carreira. O curso foi elaborado em módulos de 1 a 20 e ao fim de cada módulo estudado, você realizará uma tarefa para fins de conhecimento e certificação ao final do curso. Ele é um curso, que lhe permitirá estudar no seu tempo livre, você estudará sozinho e no seu tempo. Mas se precisar de ajuda, estaremos à disposição para sanear eventuais dúvidas ao longo do curso. Faz-se mister salientar, que será necessário a sua dedicação para melhor aproveitamento do curso. As apostilas do curso são escritas em idioma inglês, por isso, será necessário que compreendas o idioma inglês, o suficiente, para realizar este curso. O idioma inglês, como já sabemos, mas não custa lembrar, é um diferencial nos dias atuais e por isso lhe facilitará na sua carreira. ao final do curso, o aluno terá desenvolvido as seguintes habilidades: Gestão de negócios Após a conclusão da Gestão de Negócios, os candidatos podem escolher carreiras, incluindo: Gestão Empresarial - Escriturário Gestão de Negócios - Assistente Executivo Gestão de Negócios - Gerente de Instalações Gestão Empresarial - Arquivista Gestão de Negócios - Escriturário Financeiro Gestão de Negócios - Escriturário Geral Gestão de Negócios - Gerente de Programa Recepcionista
curre stress
edipo vinicius galindo da silva
This is Your Chance to Finally Get the Bulletproof Mindset of a Fearless Warrior! - This is about knowing what you want and going for it. It’s about being tough and it’s about not letting little things get you down. - It’s about pushing ahead with what you know is right and it’s about carrying responsibility and hardship on your shoulders with dignity and pride. - It’s about not letting your emotions get the better of you and it’s about not taking the easy answer or the easy route to solve your problems. That’s means, you’ll be able to become the person that ... # Instead of getting tired or bogged down, instead of being distracted and tempted, you would instead drive forward with an unstoppable, bulletproof mentality. # Your enemies would quake knowing that there was nothing they could do to stop you. # Your career obstacles, relationship goals and financial plans would all crumble beneath your will. # You are extremely efficient, determined and full of pride. # Self-discipline, determination and self-sufficiency are what will make you strong and will help you get what you want. # You will become a good parent, good friend and good partner. # You will be able to live with yourself and earn respect and admiration from others. # You will be working out your mind, your philosophy and your soul. # It will make you unstoppable. And the list goes on and on… Here’s Just A Quick Preview Of What You’ll Discover Inside What is the Warrior Mindset? What it Takes to be a Warrior Times You Were Not a Warrior The Fire Within Goals and the Warriors Creating Your Own Code of Ethics How to Use 'Fear Setting' Stoicism and the Warrior Mindset The Power of Pessimism Growth Mindset Why We Have Become Weak How to Get Tough Tools for Growth and Resilience Correct Breathing Strength Training and Martial Arts Applying Classic Warrior Principles to Business and Life Lessons from the Art of War Lessons From The Prince Taking a Harder Road Plus, a whole lot more...
🧠 Superior Brain Health ➕ Superior Brain Health Upgrade Pac...
Mario Pedraza.
✔️ Superior Brain Health Here are some of the things that you will discover in this life-transforming program: - The surprising difference between emotions and feelings. - Why you need to maximize your brainpower in the 21st century. - 8 fun facts about the human brain. - The little-known connection between what you eat and your brain health. - How to avoid oxidative stress that damages your brain cells. - Why people who eat traditional diets are less likely to suffer from depression plus how to protect your mental health. - The link between exercise and brain health. - How to train your brain and boost its functioning. - The quickest easiest way to increase your IQ. - The truth about crossword puzzles and why they don't make you smarter. - Perks of improving your brain health. - Habits that boost your brain health. - The dangers of inadequate vitamin D and how to avoid them. - The common computer game that can improve your cognitive abilities. - Why stress is dangerous for your brain functions. - Foods that boost your brain health. - Top 7 brain health supplements that optimize your brain functions. - Tips for preserving brain health even in old age. - Plus many more powerful practices and techniques! Within this package you will find the following modules: Module 1 - Ebook Module 2 - Checklist Module 3 - Mindmap Module 4 - Sales Page Module 5 - VSL Module 6 - Lead Magnet Module 7 - Landing Page Module 8 - Emails Module 9 - Graphics Pack ➕ Superior Brain Health Upgrade Package Superior Brain Health is the ultimate training for those who want to boost their brain power and protect their brain health so that they can be focused, alert, and solve problems creatively. You'll discover how to maximize your cognitive abilities, increase your IQ, and avoid cognitive diseases like dementia. And Much More... Within this package you will: Module 1 - Videos Module 2 - Upsell Page Module 3 - VSL Module 4 - Graphics Module 5 - Transcripts Module 6 - Audios
5 Techniques To Increase Memory Retention
João Paulo Machado dos Santos
To start improving our memory power, you should understand how memory works and why it might be fallible to begin with. Essentially then, your memory is distributed across your brain’s ‘connectome’. This is the network of neurons (brain cells) that is spread across your entire brain and that makes you who you are. This stores all of your memories, all of your abilities and all of your personality. New memories are created the birth of new neurons and/or new connections between existing neurons. This is what we call ‘brain plasticity’ – the ability of the brain to change shape in response to learning, just as a muscle gets larger and stronger in response to training. The ‘autobiographical’ memories and ‘declarative’ (factual) memories that we tend to think of as ‘memories’ though, are located more specifically within our hippocampus – which is one of the most highly plastic parts of the brain. This is a part of the limbic system, which in turn is closely connected to our emotions. And that’s our first clue as to what really makes memory tick: the limbic system is our emotional cortex. This is the brain region responsible for producing hormones and neurotransmitters. It helps us to feel excited, scared, angry, or anything else. And ALL these things help us to better differentiate between what is important and what isn’t. This in turn helps our brains to know what to store and not to. So how do you improve memory? You make it important. You add emotional charge.