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This book is addressed to anyone interested in learning in-memory computing and distributed database. It is useful for developers and architects new to Apache Ignite as well as those who already use any other in-memory databases and want to expand their knowledge.

What you will learn:

1. Apache Ignite architecture in-depth such as data distributing technics (DHT), Rendezvous hashing, durable memory architecture, various cluster topologies, Ignite native persistence, Baseline topology and much more.

2. Apache Ignite proven use cases as a memory-centric distributed database, caching and computing platforms.

3. Getting started with Apache Ignite by using different tools and technics.

4. Caching strategies by examples and how to use Apache Ignite for improving application performance including Hibernate L2 cache, MyBatis, Memoization and Web session clustering.

5. Using Spring Data and JPA (Hibernate OGM) with Apache Ignite for developing high-performance web applications.

6. Ignite query (SQL, API, Text and Scan queries) capabilities in depth.

7. Using Spark RDD and Data frames for improving performance on processing fast data.

8. Developing and executing distributed computations in a parallel fashion to gain high performance, low latency, and linear scalability.

9. Developing distributed Microservices in fault-tolerant fashion.

10. Processing events & streaming data for IoT projects, integrate Apache Ignite with other frameworks like Kafka, Storm, Camel, etc.

11. Real-time data Replication between Ignite clusters through Kafka.

12. Configuring, management and monitoring Ignite cluster with built-in and 3rd party tools.

The book covers Ignite version 2.6.0 and above. For every topic, a complete application is delivered, which helps the audience to a quick start with the topic. Each chapter focuses on the complete implementation of a real-world scenario, the commonly occurring challenges in each scenario have also discussed.

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