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"I created The 8-Aspects Reinforcement Program together with the experts that made a difference in my life to support you on this transforming e- learning curve, which gives you tools to practice in your daily life." Luciana Diniz.

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This course shares the Luciana's knowledge of the 8-Aspects that are essential to achieve the best performance, introduced an explained by Luciana Diniz together with the experts who make a difference in her champion career.

At this first season we'll see:

1. Horsemanship professional with Leo Rauscher.

Understand your horse properly - and use this knowledge to deal with them properly. Learn the language of horses.

2. Meditation Coach with Bettina Hallifax.

Emotions determine our lives. Identify the causes of your blockages and start your journey to emotional freedom.

3. Sports Mental Trainer with Jean-Cyrille Lecop.

Preparation for competitions: Use mental imagery to focus and feel good and positive. Do your physical and mental warm up with Sports Mental Trainer.

4. Sporthorsetherapist with Karin Link.

Equine Sport Therapy means: Optimisation of the well-being by well in functioning working body. Supporting and guiding you with helping hands, sharp view and true feeling.

5. Qi Gong Master Coach Frederik Nelting.

Qi Gong gives your power strength and is a fantastic way to get your mind and body in a flow. So Qui Gong is the perfect mind set to connect with your horse.


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