Summer Dance Course #ANNAGOSUMMER

Health and Sports
Is a Intensive Online Dance Course for beginners. Consists in introduction, technique training, private online feedback, choreography lesson, dynamic exercises, Telegram group with articles and more deep information about this styles of dance. The classes are adapted to all types of space and the content are objective and in easy to follow. The styles that we gonna work in this course are; Twerk, Brazilian Funk, Heels, Fitness Training and bonus class for teachers - or who wants to become a teacher.
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This is what you gonna learn, separated by modalities.


- Standing Steps Tutorial

- Floorwork Steps

- Acrobatic Steps

- One Choreography Tutorial with private online feedback


- History of Funk Culture

- Difference between twerk and Brazilian funk

- Twerk Funk Steps

- Brega Funk Steps

- Passinho

- One Choreography with private online feedback


- How to choose your heels

- How to walk on heels

- Basic steps with heels

- Spins

- Dynamic Exercise with private online feedback

Fitness Program

- Butt and legs


- Cardio training

- Flexibility training


- I’m gonna tell you my experience with teaching in different countries and the techniques that I learn in university and with teaching presencial classes and online classes. (For who already is teacher and for who wants to become a teacher)


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