Spiritual Intelligence for Awakening Minds

Personal Development
The goal of this module is to lay the groundwork for shifting your perception to a consciousness that will let you THRIVE.
You'll learn about:
• The four bodies you need to stay aware of to align your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions - so you can manifest real abundance.
• The 3 big "WHYs": Why do you think the way you think? Why do you feel the way you feel? Why do you act the way you act?
• How the misalignment of the four bodies can cause you daily suffering that you’re not even aware of.
Module 2: PROOF
Your brain requires a RATIONAL REASON to change the way it perceives its reality.
No faith required – this section is all about scientific facts:
• How the traditional Newtonian laws of physics have been shaping your current perception of reality, without you even being aware of it.
• How to learn to decode reality using the framework of quantum physics, so that you can become the master of your life.
• How quantum physics PROVES that your consciousness manifests everything you're experiencing right now.
Once you're aware of how your mind works, you will need to clear away the beliefs, low vibrational energy, habits, and behaviors that are getting you stuck.
The third module is designed to help you:
• Define habits you'd like to adopt and ones you would like to ditch, so you can achieve your financial, personal, and health-related goals.
• Become aware of limiting beliefs that are keeping you from taking action and experiencing true prosperity.
• Eliminate behaviors which are constantly sabotaging your efforts – become productive, motivated, and full of energy.
Module 4: UPGRADE
This is where everything comes together. It's time to define WHO you want to become… It’s time to design the best version of yourself and embody your chosen version, RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW!
The time has come to consciously build the best version of yourself: to your own liking!
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Get the complete step-by-step mental roadmap that guides you on the process of understanding your inner reality, so you can transcend beyond your limitations and fears andand learn how to live your life in plenitude

-Take your power back with the clear realization that you are the center of your universe and the creator of your own reality;

-Get access to scientifically proven information that will feed your mind with healthy thought patterns that will inspire you, instead of sabotaging you;

-Learn how to consciously access flow state as an alternative state of consciousness to boost your achievements and get things done;

-Learn how to exponentially expand the power and potential of your mind;

-Build the best version of yourself by learning how to shift your perception of reality;

-Understand once and for all how you can practically apply the mind-blowing discoveries from quantum physics to better shape your reality as you see fit;


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