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This book narrates facts, challenges, achievements and emotions that I experienced during the 20 months that I spent

on the border between Brazil and Venezuela, in the extreme

north of the Amazon. It also describes my vision of the humanitarian mission which I voluntarily undertook with the

aim of rescuing refugees.

I found out that down deep within each refugee there

rages a continuous silent psychological battle, a battle full

of dilemmas, insecurity, trauma and uncertainty.

As people flee their country, they flee hunger, misery and

misfortune. In spite of fear, they summon the courage to

seek a better future trying to save their own life and their

family. These people are endowed with tireless resilience as

they strive for survival.

On one hand, I've spent almost 2 years on the border

north of the Amazon forest, away from the comforts of my

home. On the other hand, those refugees left their home

country, leaving behind their homes, their professions, their

careers, relationships, expectations and dreams.

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