PILLAR # 1 "The Comunications" To Sustain a Healthy and Stable Relationship

This series of Books was inspired by the alarming global statistics that currently exist on divorces. Only in 2017 it amounted to the amazing figure of 102,341 thousand couples, who decided to separate and interrupt their coexistence. This number will continue to increase if we do nothing to remedy.
These concepts have the main purpose so that neither you, nor your family, nor friends are part of world statistics. Without a doubt, it will teach you how to build the essential foundations so that your relationship is not a failure. Today you have in your hand the opportunity to eradicate and minimize this statistic.
From the first chapter, you will discover the fundamental principles that this book offers, based on the construction of the 3 Pillars to sustain a Healthy and Stable Relationship, it will help you analyze, how you can find the most effective solution to the problems that appear in the different stories between couples, in real life.
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Situations that happen frequently in discussions within the relationship. You will discover how to detect the origin of the problem; you will have the opportunity to solve them and eradicate them in the future. With this Powerful tool, you will understand the importance of "Cutting the Root of the Bad Tree today; to avoid the misfortune of eating its fruits Tomorrow".

Find out how the Healthy Relationship Triangle Works.

This series of 3 books will impact your life, and you can influence the lives of others with the advice and teachings offered in this book. You will become a full-time Relationship Counselor. Imagine being able to offer advice to family, friends and even improve your own current or future relationship. Saving you, Time, Money and Effort, from going to a couples psychologist.

You will enjoy the results immediately, once you put the principles in this book into practice. Remember that what starts well; ends well. " "THE COMMUNICATION"

The 3 pillars will teach you how important it is to master the art of Communication, Finance and Intimacy in Relationship.

I invite you to be part of the readers who today have managed to rescue and improve their relationships.


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