Pharmaceutical Logistics: Practical Guide - Vol.01 Definitions and Quality Management System

This series, in digital format, is aimed at professionals from any background who wish to improve their knowledge in pharmaceutical industrial logistics. Students of technical or undergraduate courses, teachers, consultants, technicians in charge, analysts, supervisors, managers and directors of the quality, regulatory, projects, operation, business and commercial areas, in short, this series of e-books is dedicated to you who have been looking for improvement.
After observing that the main difficulty of the professionals is the practical understanding, the questions received in trainings conducted by me in several cities of Brazil served as the base for this volume.
In this first volume you can find out about:
- The main definitions and principles of good storage, distribution and transport practices,
- National regulations and international guides related to logistics, and
- The requirements for implementing the quality management system and its challenges.
In addition, I address factors that I consider to be essential within the quality system on:
- How to manage quality documents, and
- How to qualify people. All divided into six chapters.
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This project came about due to several requests to update the books already published by me, and the demand for new themes that have recently appeared. So I realized that I should dedicate part of my time to these updates, but in more accessible languages and formats for readers from different regions of Brazil.

With a practical approach, mixed between the regulatory requirements and the current pharmaceutical logistics scenario, combined with the experience acquired over 20 years, I present the result of the first volume of this series.

Inspired by the desire to continuously share my experience in this field, while you are enjoying this first volume, I will commit myself to deliver the best content in the following volumes.


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