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My Name Is Aura Cigana And I Channel Personalized Mandalas And Messages To Clients Using Their Personal Details Like Full Name And Date Of Birth. The Mandalas Are Used For Spiritual Healing As It Brings To Your Awareness What Is Hidden In Your Subconscious. The Mandalas Can Also Be Used As An Anamnesis Process Where Accordingly To The Informations Received I Direct The Client (When Needed) To Other Therapies That I Work With Like Reiki, Stellar Quantum Healing, Apometry, Radionics And Flower Remedies. Every Colour Is Used Specifically To The Persons Need As Each Colour Is Related And Connected To An Emotion And Vibrates An Specific Frequency That The Person Need To Receive (Chromotherapy). The Mandalas Change Our Mental And Vibrational Field Helping Us In Many Ways And Along With The Message That Is Channeled Just For You, Will Guide You In Your Human And Spiritual Path. My Work Is Also Strongly Directed To Animals, Places And Situations. Feel Free To Contact Me At @aura.cigana ou If You Have Any Question 🙏🏼

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* Personal Growth

* Self Knowledge

* Change of Paradigm

* Meditation

* Reiki

* Flower Remedy

* Stellar Quantum Healing

* Radionics

* Apometry

* Numerology

* Guidance On Your Spiritual And Human Path


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