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We are all privileged beings, we are all heirs of the same great inheritance. No one is devoid of these superior innate gifts. All we have to do is exercising ourselves in order to awake this superior gifts and put them at our service in life. Everyone can get this infinite potential present in our mind but must fight laziness, neglect and vanity to overcoming all the obstacles that appear every step the way. Trust the mental scientist that has many years in practical experience in this field. In the book, the reader will see the firmness the author explains and expose all the method, and the firmness that he discusses all the benefits and obstacle which appear all long the spiritual path. It's a vry stimulating book that helps all serious practioners seek.


easy reading, short chapters, fully explianed exercises, discussion on benefits and obstacles, a lot of tips and advice on how to fight and defeat ill will, spiritual laziness, neglect and vanity. The book is kind of a counselor to the reader that can consult it all the time he feels down and hopeless. This book acts like an encouragement injection.

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mystics and esotericists, occultists, meditators, students, occultism practioners





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