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humor minute, is a creative book that provides inspiration to young artists, so that they enter the world of art implementing their full creative potential.

The book true focus of the book is based on the importance of creativity and recursion to develop great graphic creations, with the purpose of increasing or stimulating creativity in individuals.

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My name is Juan David Beitar Santos, I was born on April 30, 2000.

Throughout my life I was characterized by art in all its expressions, since it has an affinity with it.

That is why at a very young age, I began to develop the ability to draw, and represent the world as I saw it. Without having knowledge of proportions, harmonic color management, among other aspects that highlight great cartoonists, I managed to develop great abstract drawings with the ability to be the only one who could interpret them.

"Talent Train"

As the years passed I continued with my passion, Drawing which was a very own expression tool which I could transmit, to others becoming a forceful means of communication in an era where racism and discrimination overshadowed the talent of Afro-Colombian children in those years full of contempt, intolerance and ignorance.

At the same time, with the ability in the arts, especially the ability to structure and create drawings that are the product of my imagination, or therefore products of quantities of images seen daily. I managed to make my way in the artistic development classes of that school, where I also learned about the history, evolution, structure and proportion of this branch that has been present since the beginning of humanity.

Finally in 2017 I decided as a vocation to focus on graphic design. To be more exact in graphic communication, which provides a broader worldview, as its name says in the communication.

Where I also discovered the diversity of drawing and its multiple possibilities, which are governed by the author or developer, depending also on what you want to express or communicate to different audiences. I got to explore a little illustration and its possibilities, caricature, and comics, increasing a little the desire to continue advancing and growing in this great field of expression.

It is very important to have a passion for what you do, to want to excel yourself, and to be the best for yourself, not in search of being..


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