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Marked for Survival tells the saga of a young Jew living in Granada, Spain, with his parents and two sisters. From a wealthy family, David had at home the privilege of receiving Torah knowledge, the spiritual and moral guide of his people's tradition. The calm and rich life changes radically when Rebecca Safra, David's mother, comes in contact with Esmeralda, the spiteful seer, who begins to manipulate the consultant's thoughts. From the link between the two, the environment in the House of Safras changes, becoming unstable and dense. In response to the abrupt transformation of his life, the fifteen-year-old makes a somewhat unlikely decision, thus bringing intense reader contact with the work from start to finish. Each chapter is a learning. In simple and clear language, Marked for Survival presents to the reader, through the story of David, diverse teachings of Kabbalah as well as Torah precepts. The paths taken by the young allow reflections on the ancient knowledge contained in the Pentateuch, a fact that urges the reader to deepen the reading of the holy books. from Psalm 1, brings an intense energy of contact with the Eternal! On each page there will be the pulse of the Divine Spark in Action! Dynamic and profound, the author makes us think about the attitudes we take in the face of life's challenges and what role, in this context, our fears and indecisions. In this direction, we identify with the protagonist, when we can understand the questions that David proposes along his spiritual and material journey.

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