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This is a book specialized in marine diesel engines with practical suggestions for installation, maintenance and repairs. There is valuable information on how to calculate turbochargers and supercharger in order to increase the volumetric efficiency of diesel engines In this book you can learn the procedure to obtain Bio-Diesel from Vegetable oil and how to use it in modern Diesel engines It also contains information on how to convert engines with mechanical fuel injection system into electronic fuel injection system. The book is a good complement for the preparation to take the ABYC Diesel certification Finally this book is an excellent work guide for professionals dedicated to convert boats powered with gasoline engines into modern boats powered with diesel engines

This book is available in a PDF form NOT PRINTABLE. In this format there are more of 40 Videos included it, for FREE

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Chapter 1 : Mechanical principles

- Friction

- Viscosity

- Mass and Weight

- Force

- Work and Torque

- Power

- Horsepower Vs Torque

- Efficiency

Chapter 2 : Bearings Gaskets & Seals

- Types of Bearings

- Plain Bearings

- Bearing Loads

- Radial Bearings

- Angular Bearings

- Removing Bearings

- Gaskets

- Gasket Material

- Handling and Storing Gaskets

- O-Rings

- O-ring Specification

- Rotary Seal

- Hydraulic Seals

- Removing seals

Chapter 3 : Marine Engines Classification

- Inboard Engines

- Diesel Engines

- Diesel Engines Systems

- Engine Components

- Cylinder Arrangement

- Two Stroke engines

- Four Stroke Engines

Chapter 4 : The Combustion Chamber

- Types of Chambers

- Fuel Air Mixture

- Engine Measurements

- Piston Displacement

- Engine Displacement

- Compression Ratio

Chapter 5 : Cylinder Head & Valves

- Types of Heads

- Flat Head

- Over-head valve

- Valve Cover & Rocker Arm

- Valves & Components

- Valve Seats

- Valve Seats

- Hydraulic Lifter

- Head Porting

- Valve Spring

- Valve Failure

- Head Valve Job

- Inspection Methods

- Head Cracks

- Head Repair

- Welding Techniques

- Lash Valves Calibration

- Head Gaskets

- Head Gasket Diagnosis

- Engine Compression Test

- Head Bolt Torque

Chapter 6 : Camshaft & Timing Position

- Camshaft Description

- Camshaft Lobe

- Timing Adjustment

- Timing Mark

- Timing Belt

- Timing Chain

- Firing Order

- Fuel Injection Timing

- Removing Fuel Injection Pump

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