Lucid dreams special audios+2 Ebooks

You will be able to improve your hability to have lucid dreams
3 special audios to have lucid dreams and 2 ebooks (Beginners guide to lucid Dreaming Tecniques and Lucid Dreaming and its Benefits for your Life)
About the audios
* DREAMING RELAX thus audio help you reach deep relaxation. It must be heard before going to sleep.
* LUCIDIX. This is a binaural sound of short duration and is to be heard 2 hours before the usual wake-up time. Set the alarm 2 hours before waking up listening and going back to sleep
* FULL LUCID DREAMS. This is a binaural sound with different frequency used in the same way as LUCIDIX.
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Easy to use

Simple steps to follow

Increase your possibilities to have lucid dreams

Works for advanced and new lucid dreamers


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