Learn How to format a Computer and Install Windows 10

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The methods in this ebook are proven and used by IT Professionals to make extra money without leaving home, formatting computers and laptops, even if you are not an IT professional and are a layman on the subject. The content is very detailed and with illustrative images. I am absolutely sure you will have no difficulty in performing the procedures!

Methods used by Technology Professionals.

* This is undoubtedly the most complete and detailed material on the subject that you will find *

And to top it off, I will also give you 6 incredible bonuses!

1- How to backup your files

2- How to restore your backup

3- How to update Windows 10

4- How to download and install software

5- Changing computer name

6- How to make money formatting computer

"This product does not guarantee the achievement of results. Any reference to the performance of a strategy should not be interpreted as a guarantee of results."

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Follow everything we will see in the 18 chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: What is a computer formatting?

Chapter 3: When should I format my computer?

Chapter 4: Care you should take before starting

Chapter 5: What is Backup and how important is it?

• Physical media Backup

• Cloud Backup

Chapter 6: How do I backup my files? Hands-on!

• Using a USB stick or external hard drive

• Using cloud

• Backing up your favorite sites in Google Chrome

Chapter 7: Windows license key

Chapter 8: Creating a bootable USB

Chapter 9: Configuring the computer’s BIOS to boot from an USB flash drive

Chapter 10: Installing Windows 10. Step-by-step

Chapter 11: Installing system updates through Windows Update

Chapter 12: The importance of antivirus

Chapter 13: How to download and install software

Chapter 14: Changing computer name

Chapter 15: Restoring backup files

• Restoring from physical media

• Restoring from cloud

Chapter 16: How to make money by formatting computer and laptop from home

Chapter 17: Conclusion

Chapter 18: Acknowledgment and Contacts


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