Speak like a Brazilian: How to get by with the 65 most important verbs

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Learning a new language is not just about memorizing new words. It is necessary to understand the cultural aspects involved and to think like a native speaker. Words are often not used the same way they are in our own native language.

Consider the sentence “I am 40 years old”. The verb “am” (to be) means “ser” or “estar“ in Portuguese. Brazilians do not say “eu sou 40 anos” or “eu estou 40 anos”. Rather, they say “Eu tenho 40 anos”, where “ter” is the verb “to have” in English. So, to think like a Brazilian, you have to say “I have 40 years old”. That is something that nobody tells you when you learn the verb “to be” or “to have”, except for in this book.

Furthermore, traditional methods tend to teach us new words based on groups like food, animals, vehicles, and so on. This is not ideal, since most of the words taught are not frequently used in daily life. To evolve quickly, you must learn the most frequently used words and how to use them in the right context: thinking like a native.

I’ve had these problems myself over and over again when learning other languages, and always wished I had a reference that outlines how the natives really use their verbs. That is why I wrote this book, to give you the chance to learn Brazilian Portuguese faster by focusing on the 65 most important verbs and how they are used. These verbs cover most of the daily dialogs you will have with a native, saving you lots of time. Furthermore, these 65 verbs translate to more than 100 verbs in English, giving you a powerful vocabulary to sound like a native.

We firmly believe that the content of this book will help you so much, that we decided to give you 15 days' Warranty. If you think that the product does not meet your expectations, we give your money back, no questions asked, and you keep the book.

If you still not sure if this is the right book for you, download a sample at: brazilianportugueseacademy.com/books

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- Learn how to think and to speak like a Brazilian.

- Focus on how the natives actually say the sentences. If the native way to say it is grammatically wrong, we also show you the right grammatical way.

- Focus on the most important verbs and words. We do not waste your time with vocabulary that is not important for daily life.

- Light grammar involved.


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