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Hello! I'm Telma Fjelltveit, a Plant-Based, Raw Food Coach and Detoxifcication Specialist.

I've created this mentoring program for you who want to be part of a community that has the same goals as you, wants more quality of life, more health and more energy.

For you who want to live a more fully life, with less pain, more productivity, and joy.

This is not for who is not willing to do the work, or is full of excuses not to do it, and is looking for a magic pill.

The program will last for 6 months with renewal possibility, we meet every two weeks via zoom, for an hour and a half to two hours.

The program format is free, question and answer, and sometimes with specific themes. Telma will answer each individual student's questions and also encourage engagement among students.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: “This product is not a substitute for professional advice. Always consult a health care professional for health-related matters.”

Disclaimer: The results achieved vary from person to person and the commitment that each one makes.

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Telma Fjelltveit
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Telma Fjelltveit is a holistic coach specialised in plant-based nutrition. She guides women on a journey of self-discovery while improving their energy and connecting themselves with their body and the world around them.

Telma’s approach combines physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing to cultivate a routine of self-care and self-love starting with the way you feed your body.

More about Telma:

Telma changed her lifestyle about three years ago, after years of feeling inadequate in her own skin. She too was caught in the trap of the crazy diets, that besides not giving her a permanent result, would make her feel that something was wrong with her as she would not lose weight and end worse that she started. The meaningful change happened when she understood the power of nutrition and the real value of food.

Today, Telma is grateful for the joys and challenges of her journey. She feels more energy to energy to exercise, work, spend time with family and friends, she is not in pain anymore, and her health improved massively. Her self-esteem increased, and she is now able to listen and understand her body better. She is also grateful for being challenged to look at herself differently and to let go of the fear. Yes, fear. The fear of eating, of overeating, of being overweight and looking at herself in the mirror.

You can find more about Telma here:

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