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Learn to skate from scratch, for you who have never skated and have the dream of skating since you were a child, or if you have skated as a child and want to go back to skating now, feel that wind in your face, that feeling of freedom and well-being that skating offers, in addition to doing very well for the mind, it is a great physical exercise that helps you to lose weight and improve your health, in this course you will learn from scratch, the correct posture, the correct skating techniques, you will learn 4 types of curves, 5 types of brakes, fall correctly, go up and down ramps and steps, jump, pass through obstacles and uneven floors, start skating on your back, among others. Everything elaborated by a physical education professional, Technical Manager Ane Carolina Alencastre CREF 027242G / PR, with the special participation of Vanessa Nobrega, a renowned skating athlete. we have developed a teaching method in which you will not need anyone on your side holding your hand, you will be able to learn to skate alone, just with the course. We start on the grass until you get your balance to prevent you from falling and getting hurt and we are evolving very slowly.

Legal notice: This product is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult a doctor to discuss health issues. use of safety equipment is mandatory: helmet, knee brace, elbow and wrist band;

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