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Have you ever dreamed of reading the Bible in its original language? Or understanding the words of the ancient Holy Book in its original context, without having been translated? Maybe you've already studied books, or taken biblical Hebrew courses, but when you got to the end, you had that feeling that you studied a lot of complicated rules and grammatical terms, but you can't understand anything you're reading, just keep trying to translate some passages using lexicons and dictionaries. Or maybe you didn't even have the courage to start studying, because it seems so distant and difficult. "I understand the Bible in Hebrew" is not just another Biblical Hebrew course. Here Hebrew is not a dead and mysterious language used by theologians and academics. You will start from scratch, and get to the point where you will be able to open your Hebrew Bible and read it fluently, understanding each word in a living and real way. You will no longer want to read it in another language.

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