How to rescue my projects in crisis

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“How to rescue my projects in crisis” provides you with the necessary guidelines to set a strategy to rescue troubled projects and projects in crisis. Many of these practices and short methodologies may be applied when a project has just deviated from what is considered a normal deviation. More so if the deviation is greater. It states clear that passed a tipping point the benefits that may be rescued would not be the same as the original ones. It is also clear that a plan has to be proposed and accepted based on a cost/benefit analysis by the main stakeholders. At the end they are the ones that have to make the tough call: go/no go, for the recovery project.

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• It presents a clear outline of the steps required to analyze and propose a plan for recovering a troubled project or a project in crisis.

• The steps presented state clearly that most likely the benefits sought from the original project would not be achieved, although some worth considering benefits would.

• It provides you with a scheme whereby you could gather appropriately lessons learned that would provide you with a specific guide to prevent same mistakes and errors for future projects.

• By following the methodology proposed you do not have to cancel or deem as failure your project. Hope you can achieve something good out of it is still there.

• It may provide the necessary results needed for business continuity.


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