How to Protect Your Pet FROM FLEAS(new)

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We know that you have looked for a solution to the plague of your pets, without having results. that is why we made this book based on our experience. 100% recommended methods. Have you seen how your defenseless pet suffers from those annoying fleas? we know this book is worth it

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Are you Ready to Get Married? 6

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Thinking About Getting Married 7

For the Ladies – 5 Ways to Know if He’s Good Marriage Material 8

For the Men- Five ways to know if she’s Good Marriage Material 9

10 Creative Ways to Propose 10

Tips for Picking out an Engagement Ring 12

The Four Cs of Diamond Buying 13

1. Cut 13

2. Clarity 13

3. Color 14

4. Carat weight 14

A Few Words About Diamond Buying and Conflict Diamonds 14

10 Things to Talk to Your Fiancée About Before You Get Married 15

1. Finances 15

2. Children 16

3. Sex 17

4. Family 17

5. Chores, Housework, and Other Day to Day Tasks 18

6. How You Both Spend Your Time 18

7. Conflict and Arguments 19

8. Fidelity 19

9. Religion 20

10. Goals and Life Plans 20

Getting Married Again if You Have been Divorced 21

PreMartial Counseling 22

Should You Have a Pre-Nuptial Agreement? 23

5 Stipulations that You Should Put Into a Pre-Nuptial Agreement 24

Getting a Marriage License 25

What is a Marriage By Proxy? 26

Do You Need a Blood Test to Get a Marriage License? 26

Tips for Planning a Civil marriage Ceremony 27

Tips for Planning a Religious Wedding 28

10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique 29

After the Honeymoon 31

Tips for Adjusting to Life as a Married Couple 32

10 Ways to Avoid Being a Wicked Stepmother or Stepfather 33

The Legal Status of a Stepparent 35

5 Signs Your Marriage Might be In Trouble 36

Dealing with Alcoholism or Drug Use in a Marriage 38

Tips for Dealing with Infidelity in a Marriage 39

Tips for Dealing with Financial Problems in a Marriage 40

How to Get Through the Hard Times 41

10 Mistakes that Can Kill Your Marriage 42

When Should You See a Marriage Counselor? 44

Marriage Encounters and Other Alternatives to Marriage Counseling 45

WorldWide Marriage Encounters 45

Relationship Classes and Seminars 46

Religious Counseling 46

How to Live Happily Ever After 47

Communication is the Key to a Long Lasting Marriage 49

Conclusion 50


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