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Renowned international speaker and branding expert Brian Rashid welcomes you to his video series, “How to Get Paid as a Virtual Speaker.”

Over the past 15 years, Brian has built his professional career using the power of words, messaging, and communication. Before starting his own speaking and consulting business 8 years ago, Brian was a speechwrite in Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Administration in New York City. Since starting his business, he has advised and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, and cultural influencers to discover, create, and deliver their unique story. Intel, Credit Karma, Remax, KPMG, the European Union, United Nations,, the National Dry Cleaning Association, and more have all received Brian’s guidance. He has also advised more than 100 startup companies to help them raise hundreds of millions of dollars of investment funds - using the power of their words.

Nationally and internationally, Brian is a highly sought after public speaker, where he presents on the future of personal branding, mastering modern day messaging and marketing, and how to turn your passion into a profit. Brian has spoken in front of audiences from 42 cities and 11 countries and delivered two TEDx talks.

This course is a practical and powerful guide to making good money as a public speaker - both in person and virtually. Whether you are starting from scratch, or have an existing speaking career you’re hoping to elevate, this course is for you. It doesn’t matter if you are speaking in front of tens of thousands of people, or just a few internal team members, this course will help you share your story in ways you never before considered.

Thanks for your interest in sharing your voice, and letting me help you get there. It's a glorious path.

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Here are the top 10 reasons this course is worth your time and investment:

1) The number of people paying for access to online information is WAY up right now. If you have skills and knowledge to share, there has never been a better time to monetize your message.

2) You will get hyper focused on the value you offer, what makes you different, and use that information to assemble powerful and concise promotional marketing materials. Every decision maker will ask you for this information, so we want to make sure yours showcases why you are the person for the job.

3) You will learn the most important and essential thing your website needs to have in order to get you booked as a speaker. 95% of aspiring and existing speakers don’t have what they actually need on their website.

4) You will learn how to land your first speaking engagement and the strategy you can use over and over again to generate more leads for future opportunities.

5) You will learn how and when to offer “free” speeches and how I have converted almost every “free” speech into well-paid speaking and business opportunities in the near future.

6) You will learn how to blow your audiences’ mind before you even step foot on stage - making sure the conference organizers love you and invite you back, and alleviate almost all of your public speaking stress and anxiety along the way.

7) You will learn 3 ways to be an unforgettable speaker on stage, showcase your expertise, and sell without feeling like a slime ball.

8) You will learn why leaving time for “Questions and Answers” is so important, and how to prepare and approach that part of your talk.

9) You will learn the business card trick that has led me to dozens of additional speaking and business opportunities.

10) You will learn how to use one speaking engagement and use, reuse, and re-purpose that content for weeks or months of social media posts.


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