How to create a healthy balance plate

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Want to be able to create a healthy meal from foods you already eat?

Learn a technique that you can easily apply to every meal every day?

Understand a little more about what we get from our food delivered in a realistic way?

This is the short course for you, taking you through the simple balanced plate method.

5 modules with handouts and sheets for you to work through.

It offers you ideas on how to increase the range of foods you eat, and will show you how you can apply these methods to always ensure the plate of food you eat is as balanced and healthy as possible.

You can go as fast or slow as you like, the course is designed to be one module a week so you can practice what you've learned.


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Only 5 modules.

Each video is less than 15mins long.

Worksheets that you can use or create your own.

Go at your own pace.

Learn a technique that you can apply every day.

Increase your repertoire of foods and meals that you eat.

Improve your knowledge about what we eat and why and how to keep your meals healthy.


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