How to Become a Successful International Translator - Step by step guide (English Edition)

Business and Career

There's a lot more to being a professional translator than speaking another language well. Along these 112 pages, I will share my 25 years of experience, guiding you from basic information, like cat tools and resources to more specific subjects, like personal marketing, time and resources management and dozens of tips. Upon completion of this highly comprehensive course, you will be able to use the cover letter and CVs models provided to practice your knowledge and start your career. This English edition features an interview with the CEO of Tomedes, Ofer Tirosh, sharing very useful insights about the industry.


Upon completion of this book, you will learn:

History of translation

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Translation Services - What are the most important ones?

What books should I read to get started in translation studies?

Translation tools – Cat Tools

Types of tools that CAT tools provide

Free cat tools

Translation applications

Best paid cat tools

Personal Marketing


How to develop a good marketing plan

What types of marketing can I use?

How to write a good resume

Cover letter

Errors that cannot be accepted from translators

Important things to avoid in a resume

How to attract new clients, What are the main marketplaces for translators?

Other ways to get new clients

Translation Agencies

How should translators cope with changes in the industry and what

should they do to stay on top and ahead of the competition?

Do emotional issues influence on productivity?

The translation market

Problems translators may face

Time and resource management

What makes a translator good at what he does?


10 tips for a high-quality translation

How to reduce the stress caused by overworking?

50 essential tips for translators and much more.

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