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The energy that you carry in your body is the blueprint of your vibrational field. Your body is your most important ally. Choosing to make it priority shows how committed you are to your transformation.

What we put in our body plays big part in how our mind works.

Every day we are exposed to toxins.

Toxins are found mainly in pesticides sprayed on our foods, in heavy metals, in air pollution, in synthetic chemicals added to skin products, and also naturally produced by the body during stressful situations. In addition, negative and destructive thoughts are very low energy vibration, and carry a toxic burden on the body. The body then feels heavy, overloaded, and energetically dense.

Once your detoxification system becomes overloaded, you become even more sensitive to other toxic products.

The main reason why we should detoxify is to reduce or eliminate, at the cellular level, the excess of these toxins that are accumulated within our body.

One of the main goals of detoxification is to increase the solubility of these toxic substances in water, since these substances are initially soluble in fat, which makes it difficult to eliminate them from the body through urine and bile. Toxins that the body cannot eliminate are accumulated in adipose and bone tissue.

Our gut is our second brain. The way you treat your gut shows how you treat your mind.

By giving your body the proper food, you allow your body to heal. Your body then will be able to use this renewed energy for a higher purpose.

Higher Detox - PROTOCOL 4-4-4

The 4-4-4 protocol consists of 3 phases where you will spend 4 days in each phase.

(Phase 1 Preparation - Phase 2 Detox Juices - Phase 3 Integration)

These are 12 days of complete commitment to your life.

What is included?

- E-book with step-by-step instructions

- Meal plans

⁃ Grocery shopping list

- Recipes

- BONUS ebook - Mental Detox

- BONUS - Recipes

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Some of the benefits of detoxifying your body are:

1- Promoting cell growth,

2- Healthy skin,

3- Hormonal balance,

4- Weight loss,

5- Increased energy levels,

6- Digestive system renewal,

7- Elimination of abdominal bloating,

8- Decreased inflammation and chronic pain,

9- Recovery of mental clarity,

10- Reduced levels of anxiety,

11- Elimination of intense cravings for food.

In addition, from an energetic point of view, you will be detoxifying and renewing your vibrational field. The moment you meet your body's nutritional and energetic needs, you raise your body's internal vibration. Automatically, modifying your external vibration. When you increase your vibration you are flowing with the universe, thus aligning yourself with your highest version, to co-create the life you desire.

It is important to keep in mind that this detox program is not just a body-focused detox program. By detoxifying your body, you will be able to transmute the energy of your negative thought patterns, automatically changing your energy vibration.

The consequence is to have your life completely transformed.

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