Henn Pilates Equipments Online Course

Developed by Ivana Henn and her team, this training program offers you a step by step learning of Pilates equipment work, and Pilates equipment work with accessories, which will enable you to tailor sessions for individuals, small or large groups, rehabilitation or fitness, on the following topics:
- Pilates Contemporary Approach;
- Pilates Core Principles;
- Pilates method and scientific concepts of human anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics;
- Pilates rehabilitation & physical conditioning - Pre-Pilates;
- Equipment - Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel;
- Importance of identifying clients limitations and needs;
- Vertebral column, postural deviations and pathologies;
- Complete breakdown of each exercise - Pre-pilates, Essentials, Intermediate and Advanced Pilates variations;
- Learn how to work with adaptations to suit individual needs;
- How to Successfully Plan your Pilates Sessions and Keep Clients Motivated;
- Anamnesis, Postural Evaluation - How to correctly assess your clients.
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Supplementary Materials available for download.

Video Training Classes: 29 hours

Pilates Training Planning Video Classes: 1 hours

Total Hours: 30 hours

7-day warranty

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