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Dr. Cathleen King and Andréa Luizari are very excited to present you with this pre-recorded Group Healing Series with 4 classes to develop Vagal Nerve Regulation of Primal Trust, harmonize your Chakras and release the layers of emotions blocking your Heart!

Due to traumatic experiences, your body might create and trap emotions, which might get lodged around your Heart. Your subconscious mind will take those layers of emotions and start building a wall, so your Heart doesn't get more injured.

The Heart-Wall will block energy from flowing through your body, so you might have trouble healing emotionally and physically. It might also prevent you from opening your Heart to others, to feel emotions and connect.

This series includes:

✔️Emotion Code & Light Language

✔️Brain Rewiring Attunement

✔️Heart-Brain Coherence Practices

✔️Vagus Nerve Activation

✔️Chakra Harmonizing

Andréa Luizari will be creating a deep Heart-Wall Healing experience through:

✔️ Light Language healing to release 7 types of Heart-Wall emotions: past-life, preconception, prenatal, inherited, common, shared and absorbed.

✔️ Light Language to release etheric implants from your Heart that could be keeping your Heart-Chakra shut down, interfering with the development of your natural gifts and blocking the flow of your Heart energy.

✔️ Light Language to balance your Vagus Nerve and Heart-Chakra.

Dr. Cathleen King will be addressing healing the Heart-Wall through:

✔️Creating heart-brain coherence to create a sense of safety, connection, and PRIMAL TRUST.

✔️ Vagus nerve regulation practices.

✔️ Rewiring the brain to harmonize the chakra systems and create experiences of heart brain coherence.

✔️ Quantum healing transmissions via visualization and attunements for subconscious reprogramming.

"This product is not a substitute for a professional medical advice. Always consult a physician for health-related issues."

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✔️ Classes can be accessed and viewed anytime at your own pace. You do not have to attend live for an energetic healing aspect to be effective.

✔️ You gain access to a private Facebook Community in which you will be able to experience already posted Heart-Brain coherence practices and activation of Light Codes through Light Language to deepen your ability to self regulate and heal.

✔️ You will be guided and instructed by two Lightworkers with vast Experience with metaphysical healing, and extensive science based educational backgrounds and experience in the health and medical field. 5 hours of private sessions with Dr. Cathleen King and/or Andréa Luizari would cost you around 825 Euros! You save with this course 90%!

✔️ You will learn how to open your Heart and gain a tangible sense of your True Self Essence, which is the energetic presence that can heal anything!

"This product is not a substitute for a professional medical advice. Always consult a physician for health-related issues."


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