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UNIT I: Introduction to Physiology: The Cell and General Physiology

Chapter 1. Functional Organization of the Human Body and Control of the “Internal Environment”

Chapter 2. The Cell and Its Functions

Chapter 3. Genetic Control of Protein Synthesis, Cell Function, and Cell Reproduction

UNIT II: Membrane Physiology, Nerve, and Muscle

Chapter 4. Transport of Substances Through Cell Membranes

Chapter 5. Membrane Potentials and Action Potentials

Chapter 6. Contraction of Skeletal Muscle

Chapter 7. Excitation of Skeletal Muscle

Chapter 8. Excitation and Contraction of Smooth Muscle

UNIT III: The Heart

Chapter 9. Cardiac Muscle; The Heart as a Pump and Function of the Heart Valves

Chapter 10. Rhythmical Excitation of the Heart

Chapter 11. The Normal Electrocardiogram

Chapter 12. Electrocardiographic Interpretation of Cardiac Muscle and Coronary Blood Flow Abnormalities

Chapter 13. Cardiac Arrhythmias and Their Electrocardiographic Interpretation

UNIT IV: The Circulation

Chapter 14. Overview of the Circulation; Biophysics of Pressure, Flow, and Resistance

Chapter 15. Vascular Distensibility and Functions of the Arterial and Venous Systems

Chapter 16. The Microcirculation and Lymphatic System

Chapter 17. Local and Humoral Control of Tissue Blood Flow

Chapter 18. Nervous Regulation of the Circulation, and Rapid Control of Arterial Pressure

Chapter 19. Role of the Kidneys in Long-Term Control of Arterial Pressure and in Hypertension

Chapter 20. Cardiac Output, Venous Return, and Their Regulation

Chapter 21. Muscle Blood Flow and Cardiac Output During Exercise; the Coronary Circulation and Ischemic Heart Disease

Chapter 22. Cardiac Failure

Chapter 23. Heart Valves and Heart Sounds; Valvular and Congenital Heart Defects

Chapter 24. Circulatory Shock and Its Treatment

UNIT V: The Body Fluids and Kidneys

Chapter 25. The Body Fluid Compartments

Chapter 26. Urine Formation by the Kidneys

Chapter 27. Urine Formation by the Kidneys

Chapter 28. Urine Conc


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