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When you work hard on the car and in the end discover that the defect is in the module, your options today are:

⚠Liberate the client;

⚠Tell someone else;

⚠Lose all the work already done;

⚠Third party, leaving the smallest part of the profit;

In this same situation, you know how to repair modules, the reality is different:

⚠You can complete the work;

⚠Gain support with the customer;

⚠You will have a faster and more accurate diagnosis;

⚠You will not pay abusive values

⚠Even outsourcing, you will not be deceived;

147 Pages Content:

Basic Electronics

⚠Introduction to electronics

⚠How to handle a multimeter

⚠Electronics symbols and grids

⚠ Main components of an ECU

Details of each ECU

⚠Individual features

⚠ Main components used

⚠Location and function of each component

⚠Most common defects of each ECU

⚠ Repair Tips

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