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This mini course is designed to effectively guide you towards connecting to your natural ability, to feel grounded & stable. Despite you might think stable, and solid energy will make you tough—we will go deeper and ask, where does this toughness come from?

If you feel yourself gravitating towards the answer, THIS IS YOUR PLACE. 🌻

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This mini course is build and supported by the innate ability within you, me and everyone else, the ability to stand your ground, to be anchored within the inner stability that you can return to anytime you need.

It is leaning upon the archetypal phrases for a support to deliver you the universal truth of the human being's natural qualities, and finally step by step introducing you the three words formula, uniquely designed to remind and connect you with the solid, stable qualities within yourself in the moment you need this the most. The formula will be broken down and elaborated, providing you with enough information, examples and explanation to make it meaningful for you, giving it the power it needs to act as an anchor when you need it.

You will find a deeply relaxing guided meditation, specifically created to bring you within your inner stillness which ultimately equals to your deeply relaxed state of being. This meditation will cultivate the essential experience you need, to translate the theory into something you can come back to in your daily life.


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