Great Secret Ritual of the Red Flame

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I am deeply happy, despite a long and exhausting day of work, to still find the strength to write this important letter today so that it may reach you before it's too late.

Because, as you'll see in the following lines, time is running out. But, I reassure you right away, there is a good chance that you will answer me immediately when you have fully read the good news I am bringing about you and which I hasten to reveal to you in this urgent, essential letter.

Indeed, for the past few days I have not stopped thinking about you and the important problems you are currently experiencing, and which I learned by chance during a discussion with a person who has tried to help you.

I say "by chance", but that's not quite the case. To be more precise, I would say that "destiny" wanted it. Because when I heard about you, I projected myself by psychic thought into your life ...

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