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Hello everyone,

Do you know that Oracle DBAs with knowledge in middleware software gets better paid than average? So, how about level up your Oracle DBA career and be more visible in the IT market?

In this 4 hours master class I will show you in a practical manner how to install, configure and setup a Oracle GoldenGate replication between two Oracle PDB databases.

After this training you will be able to perform near zero downtime migration using different database vendors and flavors.

The same knowledge you will acquire in this master class can also be used to setup further replications between heterogeneous databases, and you will learn also how to use this software to send data to Big Data environments like Hadoop, Solace, etc.

Bonus 1: A copy of my book How to immigrate to Germany and make money in euros.

Bonus 2: A virtual group where you can send your doubts related to the software and it will be analyzed by me.

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After participating , you will be able to do the following using Oracle GoldenGate software:

- Install, configure, manage a data replication between Oracle databases and to BigData environnements like kafka/Solace, etc..

- Perform initial loads;

- Work with DDL replication, data selection and filtering;

- Perform tuning & troubleshooting.

During the class, A VM will be setup for you in the cloud, so you can put hands on and apply your knowledge right away what you're learning.

After the class, its possible to download the VM and import into your laptop for further practice.

Languages: English or Portuguese


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