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- In this course, you will reach an advanced level (B1, B2) of conversation in German.

- Learn everything naturally by listening to funny stories.

- The mini-story method and, in particular, the "question and answer technique" will help you to reach this goal easily.

- Learn spoken grammar with the images and colors in our funny stories.

- And actively practice the content using the APP Quizlet.

- The course offers a final certification.

- But above all, you will feel more confident when it comes to communicating.


"I was looking for a course like that for a long time. But I had a problem because I didn't know what exactly I needed. Now I know. The course is based on the TPRS method. It means that you listen to funny stories, you answer questions, do some homework and finally tell these stories yourself. I believe that this is the best method ever because you don't have to learn grammar rules. You understand them from examples. If you don't understand you still can read a rule and it will have more sense because you already know the real examples." - Oleg


Declination and comparative of adjectives | All adverbs | All conjunctions | Question words | All prepositions | Pronouns, determinants and articles | Gender and plural of nouns | Cases | Auxiliary Verbs | Verbs with prefix | Irregular verbs | Transitive Verbs | Reflective Verbs | Modal Verbs | Imperative | Present | Simple Past | Participle | Present Perfect | Past Perfect | Future | Konjunktiv II | The passive voice | Denial | wie/als | Was für ein-/Welch- | Intention Sentences um ... zu/damit


Learning methods | Free time activities | Hotel | Restaurant | School | University | Doctor | Work environment | Clothes | Home | Food and drinks | Shopping | Animals | Travel | Weather | Transportation | In town | Partying | On the beach | Parts of the body | Sport | Holidays


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Be able to understand the main ideas of complex texts dealing with both concrete and abstract subjects, even if they are of a technical nature as long as they are within your field of specialization.

A high level of active vocabulary.

Be able to interact with native speakers with a sufficient amount of fluency and naturalness so that communication takes place without effort on the part of any of the participants.

Be able to create clear and detailed texts on different subjects.

Be able to express your point of view on general subjects indicating the pros and cons of the different options.

Assimilate a reasonable amount of cultural aspects that frame the German language so you can understand a considerable number of idiomatic expressions.

Understand general characteristics and extract main concrete ideas from any communicative situation.

Be able to generate texts of a diverse nature and functionality, providing details and justifying their relevance, demonstrating structural and organizational coherence, and using the appropriate register and context.

Be fully competent at a German B2 level.

Acquire information about German culture.


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