EPC - Level 2

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Nivel 2 completo del curso Easy-Peasy

1. 50 HD-Vídeos (Day 35 - day 85)

2. 200+ verbs (different than Level-1)

3. 8 Readings (using verbs and exercises)

4. Spaced Repetition

5. Adjectives

6. Modal verbs

7. Adverbs / frequency adverbs

8. Comparison of adjectives (comparative, superlative)

9. Seasons and natural disasters vocabulary

10. Past Tense (Affirmative, Interrogative, Negative), Regular/Irregular Verbs

11. A-an, Ago-How long?

12. Conjunctions

13. Would you like, Will+if, will+when, By

14. Past Progressive

15. Celebrations and Punctuation Vocabulary

16. Irregular Verbs and Most used

17. Present Perfect

18. Interjections Vocabulary

19. Human Body Parts

20. Past Perfect

21. Conjugation of “have+got”

22. Present Perfect Progressive (already, yet, just, ever)

23. Reflexive Pronouns

24. Reported Speech

25. Conditional Sentences (Would rather, in order to)

26. Relative Clauses

27. Passive Voice

28. Transitive Verbs

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