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Nivel 1 completo del curso Easy-Peasy. Contiene:

1. 34 HD-Vídeos (day1 - day 34)

2. 100+ verbs

3. Lecturas (using verbs and exercises)

4. Spaced Repetition

5. greetings

6. Farewells

7. Polite words / expressions

8. How to address people

9. Pronouns

10. Professions

11. Numbers

12. The time

13. Demonstrative pronouns

14. Prepositions of place and time

15. Simple present

16. WH questions

17. Affirmative short/long answer

18. ING

19. Many and much

20. How many - how much

21. Some, any, a few, A little

22. Going to (affirmative, interrogative, negative)

23. And, on the other hand, however, while, therefore

24. Countries, nationalities, languages

25. Will

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