Energy Clearing for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

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Feeling burned out from picking up energies around you?

Whether your an energy worker or not, this clearing will feel like a bubblebath for your mind, body & soul, leaving you feeling renewed and recharged.

Raise your frequency in only minutes!

Make sure to be in a space free of distractions.

Use of headphones is recommended.

Enjoy the ride!

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- Release negative energies

- Raise your frequency

- Feel lighter

- No more physical tension due to accumulated external energies

- Feel great & happy now!

IMPORTANT: This is energy work based on deep breathing while clearing and reprogramming the Subconscious Mind, therefore, specially as an Empath or HSP you may experience tingles, dizziness, feel tired & yawny; all these are signs of release.

Take a few minutes afterwards for your body to recover as its vibration is shifting and it needs time to adjust to a higher frequency.

*Drink plenty of water*


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