Electric Circuits for Beginners

Do you want to be an electrical engineer and understand all the basic theory behind electrical and electronic devices? For this objective, a very important subject that you have to master is how to analyse an electric circuit. This course is ideal if you want to begin with the very basics, that is, the concepts of electric charge, voltage and current and then be able to analyse and understand the main forms of electric circuits.
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This course begins with the very fundamental concepts of electricity, which are: electric charge, electric voltage and electric current. Then, you will learn the Kirchhoff and Ohm Laws, which will enable you to do the first analysis. You will also see properties of linear circuits so you can understand them in more depth. As an online course, you do not need to have transportation costs in order to study the subject because you can watch the lessons from anywhere with an internet connection, and that can mean your home! And you will be able to watch the video lessons as many times as you need to understand every concept!


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