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The 25 Tools e-book is a synthesis of the bassists’ main fundamentals for practice in different musical circumstances. We know that in order to create grooves, solos, improvisations, arrangements, and everything about music, we need to know and understand various tools.
This e-book is a Logbook to help your learning process about these tools and to consult in accordance to your needs.
Every tool on this Logbook has different practical applications. Apart from the knowledge over the tool, you will be able to practice over the 12 possible tones.
Talking about studies, on the 25 Tools e-book, you will find a bonus content: one chapter entirely dedicated to Study Routine Tips. No time to study; but do you still want to play the instrument? Keep it cool. With a few minutes per day, is possible to get your bass and focus on a few subjects. This is a way to create a healthy habit of studies inside of you, and this is going to help your mid-term evolution with solid progress.
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The Tools

1 – Natural Major Scale

2 – Natural Minor Scale

3 – Harmonic Minor Scale

4 – Melodic Minor Scale

5 – Major Pentatonic Scale

6 – Minor Pentatonic Scale

7 – Whole Tone Scale

8 – Dominant Diminish Scale (aka. Dom-Dim Scale)

9 – Major Triad

10 – Minor Triad

11 – Diminished Triad

12 – Augmented Triad

13 – 7thM Tetrad

14 – m7th Tetrad

15 – 7th Tetrad

16 – m7th (b5) Tetrad

17 – Chromaticism

18 – 1234 Fingers Technique

19 – Spider Technique

20 – Cycle of Fourths

21 – Cycle of Fifths

22 – Hammer On

23 – Pull Off

24 – Octave Exercises

25 – Church Modes


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