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Throughout these 25 years of leadership, I have seen people with extraordinary abilities disqualified and in other opportunities replaced because they became confident and thought that being a leader was something easy or that it was something that did not demand much effort. I have also had the opportunity to stand alongside people who wanted to become leaders but never succeeded because they ignored that leadership is a capacity that must be developed. They were able to start the career of leadership and while someone was looking out for them, they flourished, but when they were alone, they were not able to stand on their own. Leaders, or those who aspire to be leaders, will stagnate if they never learn the principle of self-education.

The root of the problem is due to the mediocre attitude of simply doing what another person says and acting only to be seen or to please the man. For many years I was in that group and my leadership was in danger of being disqualified because I could not measure the importance of working in secret with my character, contrary to this was where I most neglected and lost battles.

One of the saddest experiences within leadership is seeing great leaders fall; seeing leaders with great potential stagnate, being left behind, and also seeing people who strive to become leaders, but still don't succeed. Seeing people who sincerely want to become good leaders gives rise to the desire to help them and that is one of the reasons I decided to write this book.

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