E-book: Self-empowerment (+public tender)

Personal Development
Self empowerment is about looking at who you are and becoming more self-aware as a single individual.
Personal empowerment involves building trust and strength to set realistic goals and realize your potential. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and a range of skills that are used in everyday situations, but often people remain unconscious or underestimate their true abilities. However, at a basic level, the term "self-empowerment" simply means "to become powerful." Building personal empowerment involves reflecting on our personal values, abilities, and goals and being prepared to adjust our behavior in order to achieve our goals. Self empowerment also means being aware that other people have their own set of values ​​and goals that may be different from ours. Thus, the e-book will give different forms of personal empowerment.
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an e-book that talks about self-empowerment, which aims to help and inform the reader

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