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A magnificent Facebook business course, where you will become an expert on the subject, you will learn great tricks and you will be able to get the most out of this magnificent social network, in order to boost your sales and turn your business into a sales engine and conversions.

Through the 99 sheets that this course contains, you will learn in its 15 chapters, everything you need to know about business Facebook, both theoretically and practically, with impressive tricks and secrets that will allow you to get the most out of it.

It is important to note that courses and webbinars like these cost over $ 300, so the benefit is double, both in the cost of acquisition and in the future income that this powerful knowledge will generate.

What the course contains:

Chapter- 1: What is Facebook Marketplace and how does it work?

Chapter- 2: Benefits to Buying and Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Chapter- 3: How to set up Facebook Marketplace – A step by step guide

Chapter- 4: How to set up a Facebook store with ecommerce website builders?

Chapter- 5: How to Create a Facebook Shop/Store?

Chapter- 6: Facebook Marketplace Shopping Secrets

Chapter- 7: Expert Tips for making money as a seller on Facebook Marketplace

Chapter- 8: Easy Hacks to generate more sales using Facebook marketplace!

Chapter- 9: How to Advertise in Facebook Marketplace

Chapter- 10: Tricks for High-performing Facebook Ad Placements

Chapter- 11: Why you should prefer Facebook marketplace over craigslist?

Chapter- 12: Facebook Marketplace: The Do’s and Don’ts

Chapter- 13: How to generate leads for your marketplace

Chapter- 14: What are my rights if I buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Chapter- 15: Case Study

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This course in PDF format is aimed not only for those who have already started on the subject, but also for those who have already worked with Facebook on business, since it allows them to deepen their knowledge on how to correct possible errors and time and money expenses. .

In addition, the information contained in this course, usually costs hundreds of dollars, without many times giving you the precise information and tricks to achieve success in your business, with this tool.

Therefore, this course is designed in a practical way, without reserving any information, which will allow you, on the one hand, to save large sums of money on your purchase, and will push you to reach large sums of money as passive income.


Este curso en formato PDF está orientado no solo a los que ya se han iniciado en el tema, sino también para los que ya han trabajado con Facebook de negocios, dado que les permite profundizar sus conocimientos como corregir posibles errores y gastos de tiempo y dinero.

Además, la información contenida en este curso, suele costar cientos de dólares, sin que muchas veces te den la información precisa y los trucos para alcanzar el éxito en tu negocio, con esta herramienta.

Por ello, este curso está diseñado de manera práctica, sin reservarnos nada de información, lo que te permitirá por un lado ahorrar grandes sumas de dinero en su compra, y te impulsara a alcanzar grandes sumas de dinero como ingresos pasivos.


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