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Mindful eating is the art of providing our bodies with the proper smart foods that will help us feel good, provide nutrients to our body cells and make us feel whole. When it comes to losing weight there are some of us who tend to immediately think of a strict diet, involving a lots of work and rules, not eating our favorite foods, and all …let’s be honest…most of the times we see it as a complicated process we don’t even want to step into it. The main objective of my Blooming Wellness & Nutrition plan is that you don’t feel this way when you decide to live a better life by improving your eating habits. We need to engage in a mindful living and eating which will eventually make us have that feeling of lightness and health that makes us go beyond being on a simple black and white diet

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In this guide, I will give you simple steps which will help you detox your body. They are not strict rules or timelines, the main goal is that you connect deeply to your body and listen closely to that inner voice, connect to how you really feed, what you need and what that inner voice inside you tells you. Our conscious connection to our own body is a key aspect of any nutritional or detox plan. The only thing you have to do is listen to your body and connect with yourself every time you put something in your mouth with a nutritional purpose.


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