Delicious SushiNogue Recipes: a Brazilian Style of the Oriental Cuisine

Cooking and Gastronomy
Guaranteed success for your entrepreneurship dream come true with the recipes of most prized dishes of SushiNogue, the favorite sushi delivery from Itapeva (Brazil, São Paulo State) and region.
Commanded by personal chef Tamires Nogueira, who was once interviewed by G1, one of the most popular news website of Brazil, and has among other experiences a course with the 2014 Sushi World Cup champion, Hirokazu Sasaki.
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In an easy, simple and accessible language for everyone, Tamires presents the recipes of the best selling dishes at SushiNogue, the sushi delivery she founded and runs since 2012 in Itapeva (Brazil, São Paulo State).

All recipes are already approved in the most important criteria: the customer preference and adapted to the Brazilian taste — the vast majority of Tamires customers.

As dishes are made for a country town. So, the ingredients are easily located in any city in Brazil and worldwide.

With this ebook, you set up a whole dinner to surprise your people and set up a complete menu with the main dishes of your sushi delivery!

Check out the Table of Contents:

- SushiNogue Rice ... 4

- Skin ... 9

- Hosomaki ... 12

- Uramaki ... 16

- Hot Roll ... 21

- Dragon Skin ... 28

- Temaki ... 35

- Temaki Skin ... 42

- Temaki Philadelphia ... 43

- Hot Temaki ... 45

- Temaki Grilled Salmon Sweet Chilly ... 49

- Temaki Primavera ... 51

- Nigiri ... 55

- Nigiri Skin ... 58

- Joe ... 60

- Sashimi ... 64

- Names and curiosities ... 67

- Tamires Tips ... 68

- Get connected with me ... 74

(Note: The basic technical techniques of simple culinary cutting are not presented; the ebook focuses on presenting recipes.)

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