Cupido Heart - Valentines Decoration - DIY Papercraft Template - Assembly Guide and Printable Template

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1 - Score the lines using a pointed tool, but no to sharp, like a dried pen or the point of a compass. Be careful to not puncture the paper. The scoring will make it easier to fold the pieces after you cut them.

Optionally you can use a ruler to help you fold along the indicated lines instead of scoring.

2. Cup the pieces of the paper. Keep them organized by the big numbers.

3. Fold the pieces along the indicated lines. In the dashed lines - Known as Valley Fold, fold up, making a little valley along the dashed line. In the dashdotted lines - Known as Mountain Fold, fold down. Remember to keep your pieces organized.

4. Apply a bit of glue in the non-printed side of the flaps. Use as little glue as you can. You can use a toothpick, a spatula or a small pincel to spread the glue evenly in the flap.

5. Using the small twin numbers near the flaps as reference, join the pieces together one flap at a time. Pay close attention to the limits of the edges. Any misalignment can escalate to other edges and compromise the whole sculpture. If too much glue was applied in the flap, some may spill and spoil the outside of the sculpture. If that happens, try to remove it gently with a clean toothpick.

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