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The simulations were designed to prepare you to pass the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM) exam. The Scrum Master CSM Simulations cover all Scrum theory including Time-Boxing, Rules, Artifacts, Sprints, Events, and Roles described in the Scrum Guide. Although they are only 35 questions, they are randomly extracted from a Scrum Alliance database that contains hundreds of questions. That's why we prepare simulations with twice the number of questions and double the time for you to be better prepared before the official exam. For a broader scope of your learning in the Scrum knowledge areas, the Learning Mode simulation contains 70 random questions and you will have 60 minutes to answer, having to hit 48 questions (69% correct). After practicing the simulations freely in Learning Mode you can practice the Final Exam in Real Mode with 35 questions and 30 minutes to answer. When you hit 24 questions (69%) you will get your Certificate.
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