Crystalline Heart Collective

People often ask me: Should I join Aria, the other Cosmic Families & you in the Crystalline Heart Collective membership?
The short answer is YES. Your heart led you here. It really doesn't matter whether you are new into spirituality or have been focusing on it for years. Spirituality is not about an end goal but rather who you are becoming in the process.
So if you are new you'll find yourself experiencing deeper levels of joy and awareness faster and the tools will be great to help you feel more connected as you develop your intuition.
If you have been connecting with the Galactic Families for a while and are looking to deepen the connection you'll have plenty of opportunities every month to expand your connection.
If you want a loving community of spiritual friends who share your values, the Crystalline Heart Collective is for you. If you want to feel joyful, guided and inspired every day, then the Crystalline Heart Collective is for you.
Aria is a 9th-dimensional consciousness. My gatekeepers are the Sirian Lions and from there, many collective from multiple galactic families think Pleiadians, Orion Beings, Dragons & Unicorns, Ascended Masters and many others. They join in to share their divine wisdom.
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