Crata Repoa - Initiations into the Ancient Mysteries of the Priests of Egypt

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A text of fundamental importance for all Freemasons wishing to understand the Old Spirit of Tradition. Although, it is pointed out as a forged material long after the emergence of Freemasonry in its current form of organization. However, the profound similarities with the Ancient Egyptian Tradition, as well as the same spirit that has been communicated to all peoples and in all cultures, reveals its transcendental character to any form of forgery.

The most advanced Masons in degrees and those versed in both History and Masonic Philosophy will note the presence of this Tradition in this document. It is important to note that this same document, although anonymous, has been the subject of studies and research by many eminent Masons around the world.

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A very short book but a very good document to those one who study our Masonry origins. Some say that this document is a phony one but it has been an object of research by many famous masons and historians round the world.


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