Course of snake maintenance

Ecology and Environment
If you are entering this universe that is a reptile creation, you can not go blind.
This course will teach the knowledge needed to create and maintain a serpent in a domestic environment.
One day more people is interested in the breeding of snakes, majestic animals and much used as pets for the country.
However, their needs are more appropriate and provide a healthy and enjoyable life.
To do this, this course will teach you:
1.Information on the boa;
2. Legislation data;
3. Prepare the environment before buying a snake;
4. As the rule is when it arrives;
5. How to feed properly;
6. How to do it during a skin change;
7. How to do with the basic needs of the snake.
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If you have made the decision to have a snake as a pet, it is certainly because you love animals and have an open mind for experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

However, you have to know that this decision to have a snake should be responsible, since the creation of such a peculiar animal requires specific knowledge.

Have you mind, for example, what would happen to your snake if you acquired it and did not know how to feed it, or how the skin is made? Believe me, many people do not know!

But if you're here on this page, it's because you do not want to be one of those people. So, I'll tell you what this course offers you.

This course not only gives you the basic care that everyone knows. No! This course goes further and gives you day-to-day tips with the snake, how to get along with a boa at home and the consequences thereof.

You will know, in detail, how the feed process of the jiboia goes, and even (a bonus that the course has) as is the creation of rats for feed.

You will know not only what the skin exchange is, but also how to deal with the animal during this period in his life.

But the most important thing I recognize in this course is that it focuses on giving you a complete picture of home breeding, teaching you how to make the animal fully receptive to people, preventing you from falling into the uncomfortable situation of having an aggressive animal .

So do not waste any more time and get the knowledge you need to give your snake a comfortable life, and more than that, so YOU ??are comfortable with your creation! This is my personal commitment!

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