Comprehensive Henn Pilates Teacher Training Program

Developed by Ivana Henn and her team, this training program offers you a comprehensive learning, which will enable you to tailor sessions for individuals, small or large groups, rehabilitation or fitness, on the following topics:
- Pilates Contemporary Approach;
- Pilates Core Principles;
- Pilates method and scientific concepts of human anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics;
- Pilates rehabilitation & physical conditioning - Pre-Pilates;
- Matwork;
- Mat & Accessories - Core Stability Ball, Flex Ball, Toning Balls, Arc & Step Barrels, Magic Circle, Foam Roller;
- Equipment - Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel;
- Importance of identifying clients limitations and needs;
- Vertebral column, postural deviations and pathologies;
- Complete breakdown of each exercise
- Pre-pilates, Essentials, Intermediate and Advanced Pilates variations;
- Learn how to work with adaptations to suit individual needs;
- How to Successfully Plan your Pilates Sessions and Keep Clients Motivated;
- Anamnesis, Postural Evaluation - How to correctly assess your clients.
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Supplementary Materials available for download.

Certification provided upon completion of each module.

Video Training Classes: 65 hours

Pilates Training Planning Video Classes: 30 hours

Total Hours: 95 hours

7-day warranty

Digital Completion Certificate

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