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hello here you will learn if a programmer (a) from the beginning learning the basics of HTML and CSS programming if you have any questions enter into a contract on my email
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HTML and CSS: advantages and

To understand the advantages of using CSS, let's go back a little bit in time: With the evolution of the internet, the HTML language also needed to evolve along with the needs of the developers, with that several tags were created (for example “center”), which these needs were met, these, in turn, for lack of planning, resulted in dirty, huge and confusing code.

But after some time, these tags became obsolete, with that a new solution emerged: Cascading Style Sheets, that is, CSS. The function of CSS is simply to separate the formatting from the page content. So, try to forget the horrible tables.

Advantages of using CSS:

CSS saves time to create and maintain the site (the formatting code is isolated in a single CSS file).

Reduction of HTML code.

Browsers load the page faster, reaching up to 70%.

Greater efficiency in layout management.

With more advanced CSS resources, a sophisticated design can be achieved without using images and tables.


The HTML language was defined in formal specifications in the 1990s. HTML 2.0 in 1995. HTML 3.5 in late 1997. And in 2008 HTML5 came.

The advantages of HTML5 are:

1. Make the internet faster: developers have been using HTML5 to reduce file size and make the user experience cleaner.

2. HTML5 has Canvas which is a powerful tool for creating graphic content. With Canvas it is easier to create animations, drawings and other complex visual elements without using external applications.


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